BeeTribe was established to encourage.

Cooperation between different types of disciplines This collaboration is essential.

Our community consists of a wide range of disciplines,
for example: animators, auto mechanics, bands, computer programmers, dancers,
DJ’s set designers, photographers, cooks, metal workers, organizers, artists, VJs, etc.
By combining these forces can be pretty common projects are put down,
including this benefit.

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||| |||| ||| || |

” The art of living?

Realizing ideals that benefit us and inspire;
aware of a happy life.

People come together; friendships and collective ideas are realized in a creative way.
Each carries with expertise and passion projects.

Through the joint development of an audio-visual projects
where shared ideals are expressed,
we are a “tribe” where we work together on a larger entity through pollination
of each others products and services.

Because of this, we feel like ‘bees’.

Thus arose the “BeeTribe” anno 2012.

Life as Art. ”

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